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High efficiency, environmental protection, release agent, release agent Hotline:18936677288/0518-85287816

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High efficiency, environmental protection, release agent, release agent Service Hotline:18936677288/0518-85287816



16 years of concentrated research, strong

The company began in 2004, the company's production base is located in the beautiful coastal city Lianyungang, with two registered brands "belita", "moldfree". Committed to R & D, production and application of environmental friendly mold release agent, release agent in various industrial fields.


Perfect equipment, multiple quality
inspections,guaranteed quality

With professional R & D center, professional R & D team, standardized production plant, advanced integrated production equipment, intimate after-sales service, and fast supporting logistics.

Through ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification.


Easy to release, surface finish, safe and high temperature resistant

Fully protect the mold to avoid product defects and strains;

It has good thermal and chemical stability, and can effectively inhibit high temperature sintering, thus lubricating and demoulding;

Improve customer satisfaction, effectively solve the casting blackening, excessive water marks to avoid cold insulation, and solve the post-processing problems;


Perfect service system, considerate team service

Considerate after-sales service and fast supporting logistics. With excellent quality and considerate service, we win the recognition and trust of our customers and provide them with high-quality services.


Customer Engineering Case Strength Witness

Widely used in many fields, many customers trust together


Lianyungang BLD new Material .,LTD

Lianyungang BLD new Material .,LTD. was founded in 2004. It is located in Lianyungang, a beautiful coastal city. It has two registered brands of "Beilida" and "moldfree". It is committed to the research and development, production and application of environmental friendly release agents and release agents in various industrial fields. Since its establishment, the company has continuously introduced advanced technology at home and abroad, paid attention to the market changes of various industries, and provided customers with satisfactory products and services in a timely manner; it has a well-equipped and advanced test center and production equipment, which can tailor appropriate products according to different needs of customers.

Our mold release agent products are mainly used in four fields: aluminum magnesium alloy die casting, rubber and plastic, polyurethane, composite materials, and play an effective role in the process of mold release or isolation in the production of products. Other kinds of special products, in the application of neutral can be superior, good reputation. Our company's own mold release agent brand moldfree series, by domestic and foreign customers alike.

The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the products pass the customs, the quality is trustworthy. We focus on market research, constantly improve our technology research and development capabilities, and continuously improve our service quality. More and more customers' trust inspires us to make progress and strengthen our advantages.

"Exclusive quality, customized for you" is our business philosophy!

Based on a win-win situation, both our customers and we will gain a lot

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