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Basic introduction of mold release agent

2020-04-07 15:30:06

Mold release agent is an interface coating used on two surfaces of objects that are easy to adhere to each other. It can make the surfaces of objects easy to separate, smooth and clean. Release agents are used in all kinds of molding operations such as glass fiber reinforced plastics, metal die-casting, polyurethane foam and elastomers, injection molded thermoplastics, vacuum foam sheets and extruded profiles. In the molding process, sometimes other plastic fillers such as plasticizers will seep into the interface, so a surface remover is needed to remove it.

Another is plastic release agent, which is specially used for injection molding, blistering, and mold separation during the production and processing of plastic products. Most of the sub products are sprays of iron cans. The demoulding agent is simple, light and easy to use. Here are the brief features:

Structural formula or composition of release agent

High viscosity polysiloxane, surfactant, water

Release agent products

Plastic mold release agent, metal mold release agent, mold release agent, fluorine mold release agent, silica gel mold release agent, resin mold release agent, polyurethane mold release agent, concrete mold release agent, etc.

Performance characteristics of release agent

It does not affect the basic properties of the addition system.

Good diffusivity, permeability and water solubility.

Good heat resistance (300 ℃). Chemical stability, strong oxidation resistance.

No physiological activity, no corrosion, no toxicity, no adverse side effects, no combustion, no explosion, high safety.

Application of release agent

It is mainly used for demoulding and anti sticking of rubber, plastic, EVA, printing glue, wire and cable, hot-melt adhesive products and adhesive tape when they are cut.