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Development of silicone rubber cable industry

2020-04-07 16:15:46

Rubber cable industry is a big industry next to automobile industry in China. In recent years, the consumption of copper accounts for 60% - 86% of the total domestic copper consumption. The development of wire and cable industry directly affects the demand of domestic refined copper and the price trend of copper. Therefore, it is necessary for copper futures market to understand the development status and characteristics of wire and cable industry in China, analyze its future development trend and predict the future demand for copper.

Silicon rubber cable is a large class of electrical products used in power transmission and distribution, power transmission, voice, text, image and other information dissemination and lighting fields. It is an indispensable basic equipment for manufacturing all kinds of motors, electrical appliances and instruments. It is also a necessary basic product for the construction of power infrastructure, new intelligent power grid and new energy industry in China. The wire and cable industry accounts for 1 / 4 of the output value of the domestic electrical industry, which is second only to the automobile industry in China. The output value of wire and cable in China has exceeded that in the United States and become a large wire and cable producer. The upstream of the wire and cable industry is mainly its raw material supply enterprises, such as copper pole, aluminum pole and other cable material enterprises. There are many cable consumption industries, including power grid, automobile, machinery manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace, home appliances, etc.

Classification of silicone rubber cable and profit model of enterprise

According to the classification of the National Bureau of statistics, the wire and cable industry belongs to the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. According to the classification of uses, the main products include power cables, bare wires, winding wires, cables for electrical equipment, communication cables and optical cables. Wire and cable products are divided into different voltage levels according to voltage level, including low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage. In our country, the voltage below 110KV is called distribution voltage, which completes the function of reducing the voltage of electric energy and distributing it to electric energy users in a certain way; the voltage between 110kV and 1000kV is called transmission voltage, which completes the function of long-distance transmission of electric energy. In the transmission voltage, the voltage between 110kV and 220kV is high voltage, and the transmission voltage of 330kv-750kv level